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Book Reviews
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Dragon Pearl
by Yoon Ha Lee

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Read due to its tie to Rick Riordan. The book was okay with some similar themes to Riordan and his style.

The Frozen River
by Ariel Lawhon

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This story of Martha Ballard, a 1780s midwife in a small village on the edge of the Mass. wilderness, is based on an actual, courageous woman who would have disappeared from history, if not for her detailed diary. The story centers on a rape and murder trial and reflects how our court system functioned at this time. An excellent novel, one of the best I've read over the past year.

Dirty Thirty
by Janet Evanovich

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Just as funny as always! Perfect distraction from prepping for a medical test- you can probably guess which one. Good ending too! Quite a little cliffhanger for #31

Flying Solo
by Linda Holmes

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I would say this book was average. I enjoyed it but not exceptional. It captured a good family dynamic. But I wouldn't say it was a true cozy mystery.

If You Tell
by Gregg Olsen

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It was well told, but difficult to read. I considered stopping the book, but I don’t usually stop reading once I’ve started. I was hoping it would have a little more of a ‘happy’ ending focusing on the healing of the girls….that would have been better.

Tuesdays With Morrie
by Mitch Albom

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Mitch Albom's claim to fame brought up on by Tuesdays With Morrie is clear. The book shines light on an impossibly difficult subject. Everyone can learn a little from Morrie.

Enchantress Of Numbers
by Jennifer Chiaverini

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This is a view of the famous English poet, William , his wife, and legitimate daughter Ada Lovelace, who was worthy oa her own place in history as the world's 1st computer programmer.

Hard Is Not The Same Thing As Bad Study Guide
by Abbie Halberstadt

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The message really hit home to me as a mom who so often feels overwhelmed being in the trenches of parenting. I will give myself permission to complain about my kids a lot is this really ok? Limping through parenting and believing what everyone else says instead of actually evaluating our family by what we actually experience steals so much joy out of our lives. I will definitely be rereading this book in the future for refocus and encouragement.

Clark And Division
by Naomi Hirahara

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A middle-class Japanese-American family from California in the 1940s was forced into an interminterment camo

Part of Your World
by Abby Jimenez

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This book was so good, it brought me to tears near the end. I couldnt put it down and I cant wait to read the second book in the series.